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ANBAST believes in the power of the individual to create great things. This is what our products enable and our marketing celebrates. We pursue long term ideas without fear and only release our products when we feel they meet our demanding standards.

It’s easy to set up & easy to use. Long-lasting success with your customers.

PurGo waste management software is designed and continually developed with our customers' specific requirements in mind. Often as a result of customer feedback as well as anticipating new requirements in the ever-changing market and legislation.

Waste & Recycling Management Software
that gives you less
admin & less stress.

  • Management at scale
  • Role-based access
  • Compliance reports
  • Customer service focused
  • Informative monitoring

PurGo is the Waste Management Software that makes the difference. With all the possible information in one place you will never need anything else.

It encompasses all aspects from Mobile Sales, Vehicle PDAs & Tracking, Customer Service, Transport Management, Workshop, Weigh Bridge, Site Banksman, Billing right through to Web portal and Reporting.

Save cost by streamlining your processes. Improve customer satisfaction with direct access to live information.

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Configurable area where user
can view chosen data, grids of
information & dashboard reports

Feel safe in
the knowledge your data is
secure and encrypted.

Manage & dispatch
daily work to fleet.
View current activity of vehicles.

Expertise for our clients

We are a software development house with international experience. Our central location in the North West of England means we are never too far from anywhere in the UK and we have excellent links to most of Europe. Our line-of-business solutions are always based around streamlining processes, boosting efficiency, improving customer service and providing quick and concise management information.

The combined 20 years of experience from both, Software development and operations in Waste Management, gives us a unique position to understand and fulfill the true needs of a Waste & Recycling Management business. Spending the last 3 years on Research and Development resulted in what we believe is a brand new, market-leading product, but don’t take our word for it -
see it for yourself!

We adapt to our clients’ needs and understand that some businesses may prefer low capital expenditure with nearly no initial outlay followed by flat monthly fees. Others might prefer to wrap up their purchases and keep the running costs low due to e.g. having a decent infrastructure or not being able to rely on their internet connection. That is why our products are available in both - Software-as-a-Service in the Cloud, and on-site server versions - pick whichever works for you!

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